Friday, June 6, 2008

New Reseller Tools Launched Today

The VarPhonex team is proud to announce two new tools which are now available in RAP. Create-a-Plan and Custom Dial Plan are two enhancements which allow you to have even more control over the VoIP service you provide. In addition, they can help you increase sales by better customizing the service to your customers location.


Create-a-Plan allows you to design and create your own custom monthly calling plans by choosing the countries, type of service (such as fixed and mobile) and number of minutes included each month. It allows you to control top end usage on unlimited plans or build metered plans with a set number of minutes.

After creating the plans, you can add them to your customer’s accounts by placing an order for the item "Create-a-Plan" using RAP place order. The interface is easy to use and there is no limit to the number of calling plans you can create. It's a powerful marketing tool as you will now be able to vastly increase your profit by creating competitive plans that others can't offer. Be innovative, creative and set yourself apart from others with this incredible new tool.

For more information on Create-a-Plan, please visit:

To begin using Create-a-Plan, go to the Reseller Tools Section of RAP under Main Menu and find:
- Create-a-Plan Codes
- Create-a-Plan

Custom Dial Plan

The Custom Dial Plan will allow a reseller to "normalize" the dialing to their locality. As you know, with VarPhonex, all users need to dial 011+ when making calls outside of the US and Canada and 1+ when making calls to the US and Canada. When users are making calls through their local phone company, they don't always dial this way. The purpose of this tool is to allow you to edit the dialing pattern to be consistent with the way your user dials through their local telephone company.

For Example
When dialing from Mexico City to Mexico City with the local phone company in Mexico, the user can simply dial the phone number (no international calling code, country code or city code). In this case, using our Custom Dial Plan, you have the ability to set rules to remove the need for users to dial 011 and the country code 52 for Mexico. Now, the user experience would match what they dial with the local phone company and our system will recognize it and connect the call correctly. It doesn’t matter which device is being used as the rules are applied directly to the user through our Control Panel (RAP) and no need to make changes on the configuration of devices. Keep in mind, if you have previously edited the dial pla of your users device, you will need to reset that dial plan to its default prior to implementing a Custom Dial Plan through RAP.

To begin using Custom Dial Plan, go to the Reseller Tools Section of RAP under Main Menu and find:
- Custom Dial Plan

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