Monday, June 9, 2008

Buy vs Build: Offering VoIP Service

Internet Telephony is no longer a service offered exclusively by pure play VoIP operators, Cable Companies, ISPs and telecommunications giants. Hosted private label solutions are enabling others to provide white label VoIP service without large investment in infrastructure and staffing. Todays IP phone service providers now range from social networking companies to system integrators who previously had no experience in providing telecommunications services. These new "telcos" are the latest benefactors of telecommunications convergence offering cutting edge communications features to compliment their products and services. From disposable phone numbers to inexpensive calling card services, the next wave of VoIP enablers are finding their way to the already competitive telecommunications marketplace.

Consumers and businesses across the world are being introduced to the enhanced features and cost savings that Internet Telephony has to offer. More often, these introductions are coming from vendors who previously had not been involved in providing communications services. The growth in availability of VoIP Reseller Programs specifically designed to enable these vendors has created a new force in the industry. Choosing the right partner to provide your VoIP service is first and most important decision to make. The first step is to determine exactly which services you want to offer. Some popular services include Video calling, IM, Presence, calling card services, digital phone service and more.

Once you have determined the services you want to offer, you must ask yourself if you need to build them yourself or is there an opportunity to partner with a provider with a hosted solution.

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