Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Many mobile phones are VoIP enabled for free

Many telecom resellers and consumers don't realize that their existing mobile phone/PDA might already allow for VoIP calls using free client software such as Articulation for Palm, Fring for Windows Mobile and a Nokia application designed for the e60, e70 and n80 mobile phones. Using a mobile phone as a User Agent for your VoIP calls is now easier than ever with simple VoIP configuration guides to help you get your clients up and running fast.

In the ever-changing global business environment, the ability to communicate with those outside of a user's home country becomes very important. Until now, making and receiving international calls from a cell phone was cost prohibitive. With VoIP applications which run on many popular mobile phones, the world is becoming smaller in the sense of easy communication. Add to that the ability to have localized phone numbers in other countries and your users will be able to increase their ability to do business with far away locations at a reasonable cost.

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