Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fixed Mobile Confusion?

Fixed Mobile Convergence is not just a buzz word. It's also not as complicated as it sounds. Here is one definition found on the web: Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) - the integration of wireline and wireless technologies and services to create a single telecommunications network foundation.

The benefits of FMC will differ based on the type of user and level of integration they require. Call forwarding and "follow-me" are basic services that allow a user to integrate their office or home phone with their mobile phone seamlessly without the caller's knowledge. Calling card gateways allow a user to make calls from their mobile phone using their home or office long distance account. These are very basic features that are currently available and require no additional infrastructure, planning or conversion of existing systems.

The future of FMC includes extending PBX features and functionality to mobile devices along with the implementation of unified communications. Telecom resellers, integrators and others providing networking and communications services should begin to introduce their clients to the features which are available today, while waiting to see what the buzz will be tomorrow.

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