Thursday, May 19, 2011

InPhonex + Jazinga = A Perfect Combination for Small Businesses

Today Jazinga, the manufacturer of the innovative and easy to use Unity 2000 small business phone system, announced that InPhonex has been named a Service Partner. Businesses with a Jazinga phone system can feel confident using InPhonex as the service provider to deliver a complete solution. InPhonex’s Teletrunk product has been tested with the Jazinga Unity 2000 and the two work together perfectly.

Teletrunk is a SIP-compliant service can provide a Jazinga phone system, or any phone system, with local and toll-free numbers in 75 countries and offers flexible usage options including unlimited calling. If you currently own a Jazinga phone system or are considering getting one, contact InPhonex for a quote for service.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is "No Impact" Telecom No More?

During a discussion today about the amazing capabilities of our new Televate product, I reflected back on my career in telecom sales. One of the main things we used to tout when talking to a prospective customer is that when the switch from his current provider was completed there would be “no impact”:
  • Your phone number won’t change – no impact.
  • The way your employees use the new service won’t change – no impact.
  • The experience your customers have when they call your business won’t change – no impact.
  • The new service won’t provide any new tools or information for your business – no impact.

The only real impact from switching providers was to be a lower monthly bill. And we treated “no impact” as a major selling point!

Believe it or not, most telecom companies and their salespeople still tout the “benefit” of no impact when switching service providers.

Well, Televate is much different. Your phone number won’t change and your bill will likely go down but aside from that the impact is considerable:

  • The way your employees communicate and collaborate will change radically and immediately – huge impact.
  • Your employees’ ability to be reachable and productive outside the office will change drastically – huge impact.
  • The experience your customers will have when they call your business will be transformed – huge impact.
  • The tools and information your business will have to manage customers and maximize business performance will be elevated – huge impact.
At InPhonex we see a fast-approaching end to “no impact telecom”. Businesses large and small are demanding more. Televate makes it easy to bring major impact to your business – and isn’t that the point of changing providers?

Monday, May 9, 2011