Friday, October 31, 2008

VarPhonex End of Year Promotion

VarPhonex values you as a customer and we want to help you increase your business profit. As such, we are pleased to offer our End of Year Promotion.

Save up to 30% on your bulk credit purchases from now to the end of 2008. This is a great opportunity for resellers to increase their profit as consumer call averages will increase 30% or more in the last two months due to holidays. See ad for details.

Hurry! This offer expires on December 31, 2008.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Resellers Blaze The Trail In Emerging Markets

For those who have been in the telecom industry for a while, VoIP seems like it’s been around quite a while and, in “telecom years”, it has. It’s sometimes easy to forget that even in the U.S. a large majority of consumers and businesses have not yet converted their voice communications to VoIP. In emerging markets VoIP is just beginning to gain a foothold. For businesses that want to capitalize on the largely untapped opportunity in emerging markets, distribution can present significant challenges.

While the market leaders in many emerging markets are standing on the VoIP sideline, many resellers are having significant success. The opportunity in emerging markets is huge. Frost & Sullivan reports that VoIP generated $72.3 million in revenue in Latin America in 2007 and they estimate growth to $625.9 million in 2012 – that’s 150% annualized growth. Interestingly some of the business models having the most success in these markets are quite different than the models that are having the most success driving VoIP in the U.S. and other developed markets.

  • Calling cards are a $3 Billion business in the U.S. but they aren’t mainstream. In emerging markets calling cards are very widely used. Many resellers are finding lots of opportunities to compete successfully with the bigger players. They key, they find, is to offer quality and value that can gain word-of-mouth to combat the expensive, flashy marketing that the big players can afford. VarPhonex is one of the leading providers that enables these resellers by delivering a product that is reliable and straight-forwardly priced.

  • Phone shops are a popular and growing business model in emerging markets. Many consumers in emerging markets do not have the access to a home phone line or broadband Internet service that we in the U.S. take for granted. Phone shops essentially allow a community to share a broadband connection on a pay-per-use basis. Successful phone shop operators need a VoIP provider like VarPhonex that can support them in three respects:

    1. Allow them to deliver products that can be quickly and completely customized since the demographics of the neighborhood surrounding one phone shop can often be unique and competition with neighboring phone shops can be fierce.

    2. Provide them an interface that they can use to sell the way phone shop customers buy – without forcing them to spend money on complicated, and often unsupported, call shop management software.

    3. Give them the ability to deliver great value: quality and low cost. This requires a supplier that constantly and aggressively monitors and manages transport and termination providers.
Multi-level marketing, a business model that has seen limited success and significant controversy in the U.S., is a big hit in emerging markets and it makes sense. Multi-level marketing is all about empowering early-adopting influencers to monetize their relationships. VoIP is new and nothing overcomes consumer confusion and trepidation like a face-to-face dialog with a trusted, knowledgeable person. These resellers are often experts at building and maintaining networks of contacts but not at managing the technical and administrative aspects of selling VoIP. These resellers have found that VarPhonex is a supplier that can support them with a powerful platform and a team of technical experts to help them sell to and support customers.

VoIP, particularly in emerging markets, is a tremendous opportunity for resellers and the next 60 months represents a significant and sustained opportunity to capitalize. Resellers that choose a strong partner, like VarPhonex, and an effective distribution strategy have a high likelihood of considerable success.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Improving Quality By Reducing Distance

VarPhonex is proud to announce a new capability that can improve voice quality in a big way. The technology we are using is called “Media Release”. It works by reducing the Internet distance between the caller and the called party. As it is in the real world the shorter the distance between 2 points, the faster it is to get from point A to point B and this is also true on the Internet. It so happens that, if one has sufficient Internet bandwidth, short “Internet distance” helps VoIP quality and reliability.

VarPhonex proxy servers are located mainly in the US and we have VoIP POPS globally located. In the past, this usually meant that all calls passed through the US based servers first and then to our VoIP POPs. Using the Media Release technology, not all calls will need to pass through these US based proxy servers. For example, if someone is in São Paulo, Brazil and is calling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, via VarPhonex, the call will not need to pass through our proxy servers in the US and then go back to Brazil to be completed. Instead, the call will go directly from São Paulo to one of our POPs in Brazil and then to Rio de Janeiro. Essentially the call travels a far shorter distance, thus increasing voice quality and reliability.

The requirement is that the caller’s IP phone device or server is on a public IP and not NATed (private IP). If this condition is true, media release will happen all the time.

Please contact us if you have any questions and please set all your IP phone devices to public IP instead of private for better use of our world leading IP Telephony service.

Free 411 Now Available!

We are proud to announce that VarPhonex customers can now dial 411 to receive U.S. residential, business, and government directory assistance at no charge. Many long distance and wireless companies charge $1.50 to $3.50 per call for dialing 411. In order to provide this valuable service at no charge, callers who dial 411 will hear a 10-second message from an advertiser prior to getting the listing they need. The listing will be spoken to callers or sent as a text message to their mobile phone. With VarPhonex, you never need to pay for 411 again!

Friday, July 4, 2008

VarPhonex Named to List of 6 Emerging VoIP Vendors

The 2008 CRN Emerging Vendor list includes six VoIP vendors on the rise, and VarPhonex has been chosen as one of them. Solution providers interested in a refreshing take on VoIP from young, up-and-coming companies need look no further. Read full story >>

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Anonymous or location shifted phone numbers gain popularity

A popular use of VoIP technology allows individuals and businesses to deploy phone numbers used for temporary or covert purposes. From job hunters to singles in the dating scene, "virtual phone numbers" serve a real purpose for many consumers who don't want to provide their real phone number. Businesses can expand their geographic presence by using phone numbers which are out of their region or even outside their home country, giving them them an appearance that they operate in markets outside their main location. These numbers are not always used with the best intentions and can be very temporary. In some cases, unscrupulous telemarketing firms use these numbers for short campaigns where they want to disappear at their convenience.

There are many other reasons why legitimate users want these numbers. For Example, let's say you live in Mexico City and your mom lives in Miami. Her area code is 786. You could get a telephone number in the 786 area code that rings to you in Mexico City. Now mom doesn't have to pay long distance charges when she calls you. For businesses, giving a client a local number to reach you can make it easier for them to communicate and provide a higher level of customer service. Like other technologies, there is always room for abuse. In the case of temporary phone numbers, the benefits for those with good intentions outweighs the bad.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Video Telephony

The world is catching up with futuristic concepts every day. The Video Phone is no exception. Now, you can "reach out and see someone" using easy to configure software that offers a clear video picture along with standard IP Communications features. Internet Telephony Service Providers offer free Video calls with most calling plans and Prepaid Calling services. Two distant users can easily connect and stay in touch and sight, bringing people closer together during short business trips or more permanent relocations.

VoIP Resellers can use video calling as a unique entry point to introduce their services to new customers. Video allows the reseller to stand out from the crowd of other telecommunications providers by offering feature rich services which truly add value to their relationship with their customers.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Many mobile phones are VoIP enabled for free

Many telecom resellers and consumers don't realize that their existing mobile phone/PDA might already allow for VoIP calls using free client software such as Articulation for Palm, Fring for Windows Mobile and a Nokia application designed for the e60, e70 and n80 mobile phones. Using a mobile phone as a User Agent for your VoIP calls is now easier than ever with simple VoIP configuration guides to help you get your clients up and running fast.

In the ever-changing global business environment, the ability to communicate with those outside of a user's home country becomes very important. Until now, making and receiving international calls from a cell phone was cost prohibitive. With VoIP applications which run on many popular mobile phones, the world is becoming smaller in the sense of easy communication. Add to that the ability to have localized phone numbers in other countries and your users will be able to increase their ability to do business with far away locations at a reasonable cost.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

SIP Trunking or [whatever you want to call it]

One person says SIP Trunking, another says interconnecting or some other passé phrase used to describe how one connects to a carrier, authenticates, and manipulates calls. A carrier's ability to offer flexibility in the ways that their customers connect to them is what's really important. In some cases, due to the CPE, the end user or reseller is limited in how their calls can be originated. Standard ATA's typically require a registration and are limited to just sending and receiving calls for a single line. Asterisk and other advanced UAs can send text/prefix authentication with no need to register to send calls. Or, they can choose SIP Trunking and have much more control for both inbound and outbound calls, and multiple lines with multiple DIDs. The fact is that a reseller must support whatever the customer requires; keeping in mind both the business rules and available infrastructure.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fixed Mobile Confusion?

Fixed Mobile Convergence is not just a buzz word. It's also not as complicated as it sounds. Here is one definition found on the web: Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) - the integration of wireline and wireless technologies and services to create a single telecommunications network foundation.

The benefits of FMC will differ based on the type of user and level of integration they require. Call forwarding and "follow-me" are basic services that allow a user to integrate their office or home phone with their mobile phone seamlessly without the caller's knowledge. Calling card gateways allow a user to make calls from their mobile phone using their home or office long distance account. These are very basic features that are currently available and require no additional infrastructure, planning or conversion of existing systems.

The future of FMC includes extending PBX features and functionality to mobile devices along with the implementation of unified communications. Telecom resellers, integrators and others providing networking and communications services should begin to introduce their clients to the features which are available today, while waiting to see what the buzz will be tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What Can Asterisk Do For You?

Asterisk is more than just a phone system, it's the world's leading open source telephony engine and tool kit. Most people know it as just an open source phone system. There are many uses past the obvious of creating a home or small office phone system.

Using Asterisk, you can create virtual hunt groups, implement on hold entertainment/messages, integrate with monitoring systems to generate alerts for service outages, create a calling card system, integrate with SMS to generate specific actions, create your own "phone company", create help desk tiered routing, provide "out of market" DID numbers, manage outbound callerID, provide reminder calls and play current information or pre-recorded messages, transfer calls, provide extended services far away from the server, integrate with CRM to recognize and display caller information, better handle NAT, create dial in conference bridge, create telephone surveys. You get the point, there are a lot of creative ways to integrate Asterisk into your specific business needs while benefiting from its open architecture and price (free).

Combined with the right ideas and Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), Asterisk can and has helped many developers create businesses which previously required large investment in infrastructure and licensed software.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Buy vs Build: Offering VoIP Service

Internet Telephony is no longer a service offered exclusively by pure play VoIP operators, Cable Companies, ISPs and telecommunications giants. Hosted private label solutions are enabling others to provide white label VoIP service without large investment in infrastructure and staffing. Todays IP phone service providers now range from social networking companies to system integrators who previously had no experience in providing telecommunications services. These new "telcos" are the latest benefactors of telecommunications convergence offering cutting edge communications features to compliment their products and services. From disposable phone numbers to inexpensive calling card services, the next wave of VoIP enablers are finding their way to the already competitive telecommunications marketplace.

Consumers and businesses across the world are being introduced to the enhanced features and cost savings that Internet Telephony has to offer. More often, these introductions are coming from vendors who previously had not been involved in providing communications services. The growth in availability of VoIP Reseller Programs specifically designed to enable these vendors has created a new force in the industry. Choosing the right partner to provide your VoIP service is first and most important decision to make. The first step is to determine exactly which services you want to offer. Some popular services include Video calling, IM, Presence, calling card services, digital phone service and more.

Once you have determined the services you want to offer, you must ask yourself if you need to build them yourself or is there an opportunity to partner with a provider with a hosted solution.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

2 NEW high quality low cost ATAs!

VarPhonex is proud to announce the release of 2 NEW ATA devices with a rich set of features, superb sound quality at ultra affordable price. Here they are:

Adapta SGW-2100- 2 Port Telephony Gateway

Adapta IP telephone adapter allows regular analog telephones to make calls over an IP network. It is fully compatible with SIP industry standard and can inter operate with many other SIP compliant devices and software on the market. The Adapta SGW2100 is small and fully portable, just disconnect the device and take it anywhere in the world. Price per unit, only US$37.15

Linksys SPA8000-8 Port Telephony Gateway

The SPA8000 features eight RJ-11 FXS ports to connect analog telephones to IP-based data networks and includes a single multi-port RJ-21 50-pin connector offering an alternative connection choice when deploying the telephony gateway in varied environments. The device also has one 10/100Base-T RJ-45 Ethernet interface to connect to either a router or multilayer switch. Solid in design, the SPA8000 is an affordable solution that is ideally suited for use in business and consumer VoIP service offerings including call centers and multi-dwelling environments as well as Call Shops and business offices. Customers can also protect and extend their investments by continuing to utilize their existing analog telephones and teleconferencing equipment. Price per unit, only US$232.45

Both of these new devices are available for order in RAP. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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New Reseller Tools Launched Today

The VarPhonex team is proud to announce two new tools which are now available in RAP. Create-a-Plan and Custom Dial Plan are two enhancements which allow you to have even more control over the VoIP service you provide. In addition, they can help you increase sales by better customizing the service to your customers location.


Create-a-Plan allows you to design and create your own custom monthly calling plans by choosing the countries, type of service (such as fixed and mobile) and number of minutes included each month. It allows you to control top end usage on unlimited plans or build metered plans with a set number of minutes.

After creating the plans, you can add them to your customer’s accounts by placing an order for the item "Create-a-Plan" using RAP place order. The interface is easy to use and there is no limit to the number of calling plans you can create. It's a powerful marketing tool as you will now be able to vastly increase your profit by creating competitive plans that others can't offer. Be innovative, creative and set yourself apart from others with this incredible new tool.

For more information on Create-a-Plan, please visit:

To begin using Create-a-Plan, go to the Reseller Tools Section of RAP under Main Menu and find:
- Create-a-Plan Codes
- Create-a-Plan

Custom Dial Plan

The Custom Dial Plan will allow a reseller to "normalize" the dialing to their locality. As you know, with VarPhonex, all users need to dial 011+ when making calls outside of the US and Canada and 1+ when making calls to the US and Canada. When users are making calls through their local phone company, they don't always dial this way. The purpose of this tool is to allow you to edit the dialing pattern to be consistent with the way your user dials through their local telephone company.

For Example
When dialing from Mexico City to Mexico City with the local phone company in Mexico, the user can simply dial the phone number (no international calling code, country code or city code). In this case, using our Custom Dial Plan, you have the ability to set rules to remove the need for users to dial 011 and the country code 52 for Mexico. Now, the user experience would match what they dial with the local phone company and our system will recognize it and connect the call correctly. It doesn’t matter which device is being used as the rules are applied directly to the user through our Control Panel (RAP) and no need to make changes on the configuration of devices. Keep in mind, if you have previously edited the dial pla of your users device, you will need to reset that dial plan to its default prior to implementing a Custom Dial Plan through RAP.

To begin using Custom Dial Plan, go to the Reseller Tools Section of RAP under Main Menu and find:
- Custom Dial Plan

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