Thursday, October 28, 2010

InPhonex Selected by Nuance Communications to Stress-Test Custom Speech Applications

Using InPhonex Platform, Nuance Underscores Commitment to Delivering Positive Customer Experiences in the Contact Center

MIAMI InPhonex, which provides a comprehensive array of telephony services, today announced an agreement to supply Nuance Communications, a leading provider of speech solutions, with a robust, high-capacity platform to stress-test its custom speech-enabled contact center applications.

The InPhonex platform generates the sustained volume of incoming calls needed to prove the resilience and capacity of Nuance’s applications, which automate functions otherwise performed by human agents. Playing prerecorded clips of callers’ utterances during the calls, InPhonex enables Nuance to test its customers’ contact center solutions before putting them into production – to deliver the best customer experiences.

Nuance is using InPhonex’s platform to make thousands of simultaneous calls to applications that Nuance has designed and deployed for Fortune 500 clients in retail, banking, travel and other industries. These applications, tested on Nuance customers’ servers, automate common telephone transactions, such as prescription refill requests, bill payments and airline-ticket purchases.

“Given the caliber of our clients and the volume of calls handled on a daily basis, it is important that we ensure our speech-enabled contact center applications stand up under very heavy customer usage before we put them into production,” said Ken Arakelian, IT Solutions Architect, Nuance Communications. “With its channel capacity, InPhonex enables us to test, without having to purchase dedicated PSTN connectivity for our own test bed. And thanks to InPhonex’s willingness to learn and adapt to our particular needs, we are able to control our test methods and our budget.”

As Nuance performs its testing, it draws from banks of prepaid calling minutes set up for each of its custom clients, keeping a tight rein on costs.

“Once we understood Nuance’s very specialized business requirements, we built them something our more typical, private-label service provider customer probably never would have dreamed of,” said Matt Bramson, Chief Marketing Officer of InPhonex. “Interestingly, Nuance’s success with us makes a great proof case for the qualities most providers look for in suppliers: capacity, reliability and flexibility.”

About InPhonex
InPhonex is a global meta-carrier providing a comprehensive range of high-quality, feature-rich telephony services in more than 150 countries. Leveraging its flexible, high-capacity telephony platform, Miami-based InPhonex serves communications service providers, businesses of all sizes, value-added resellers (VARs) and consumers, under its own and other brands.

Offerings include multiple applications, services and utilities, such as VolP, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, product creation and provisioning. Easy to implement, InPhonex solutions help businesses round out their portfolios to attract more customers, manage more efficiently and generate more revenue per customer. For more information, please visit


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