Monday, January 26, 2009

Customizable Calling Card Gateways

VarPhonex, the leading private-label Internet Telephony Service Provider, announces another ground-breaking innovation. Beginning today VarPhonex resellers can get a DID in any country, set the DID as a calling card gateway, and customize the gateway prompts and features to fit the needs and preferences of their customers. Resellers can set the gateway prompts to promote their brand and offer the language or choice of languages their customers demand. In addition the gateway can be set to announce the available balance and cost for calls in several ways.

The bottom line is that VarPhonex offers telecommunications resellers the opportunity to offer calling card gateway-based services that are brandable, powerful, and flexible. Customizable Calling Card Gateways are just the latest in a long line of industry-leading innovations that provide resellers with unrivaled power and control.

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